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  • Gynaecological Appeal Cases

    R v S , B , C & R [ 2012 ] - Gynaecological Evidence in Sex Cases

    We were the lead case in a series of cases which took evidence that Gynaecological examinations at Trial were wrong and undermined the safety of convictions . This is illustrative of an exacting approach that is required to all Prosecution Exeprt evidence which we adopt in every case . 

    See our Published article on the issue in the Online Justice Magazine - Justice Gap 

  • Victor Nealon Case - Latest August 2012

    The Case of Victor Nealon has been refered to the Court of Appeal following an extensive investigation carried out by us in which fresh DNA Evidence was discovered form an unknown male on the victims clothing which was not attributable to Victor Nealon . 

    For more details see the recent Guardian Article :

  • John Dent Case - CCRC Referral - July 2012

    The case of John Dent has been referred back to the Court of Appeal by the Criminal Cases Review Commission . 

    The commission had refused the application in 2006 but we put together a robust submission in 2007 asking them to reconsider the matter . After a very lengthy investigation as a result the commission has recently referred his historic care home case back . 

    A date for Appeal is currently awaited . 

  • R v X - Historic Case Quashed - June 2012

    In the case of X we investigated a Historic Sexual Abuse allegation and found the judges direcitons were lacking and prevented the appellant from having a fair Trial . THis centered on the way recent complaint evidence was dealt with . 

    As a result the Court quashed the conviciton and ordered a re-trial . 

    [ Due to the re-trial we cannot currently identify the name of the appellant ] 

  • Ian Lawless - Miscarriage Compensation Test Cases

    We represent Ian Lawless who had mis murder conviction quashed in 2009 - See this news story -

    Subsequently he like many had his claim for compensation turned down by the Secretary of State for Justice . 

    The Supreme Court case of Adams had sought to bring clarification to the law in this area and as a result a series of test cases including Lawless , Barry George and others will now be heard before the Divisional Court . 

    The hearings lasting 3 days are fixed before several Judges of the High Court commencing on 17th October 2012 . 

  • Government Challenged Over Sex Offenders Rules

    The New Sex Offenders Regulations which came into force on 13th August 2012 are being challenged by us as we consider they amount to a breach of Article 8 Right to a Private Life . 

    But don't get worried we aren't challenging the actual requirement for notifcation or many of the new provisions which are clearly required and appropriate . 

    We are challenging the requirement to produce bank and credit cards which ar ebeing asked for without any good reason , in fact the govt's own impact assessment confirms as much . 

    Its also not just about Sex Offenders think about the fact that if the Govt can access one specific group of persons bank and credit card records , where will these provisions go in the future . 

  • Why Getting a Fixed Cost Lawyer Might be Important

    Since 1st October 2012 new Provisions are now in place which mean that if you are successful in your case at Trial or Appeal you are unlikely to get those costs back at all . 

    Do not be persuaded therefore to spend vast sums of money with lawyers who promise you might get this money back . 

    Legal costs are now only recoverable in very limited circumstances in the Magistrates Court and on an even more restricted basis in the Crown Court . 

    If you have no choice but to fund your case privately then you would be best advised to find a lawyer who offers a fixed price service . 

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