Fixed Price Crown Court Advocacy

If you are facing Trial in the Crown Court this can prove to be a draining expereince both emotionally and financially . Crown Court Trials are not cheap affairs and with the removal of the possibility of recovering your legal costs back it is essential that if you are funding your own trial that the costs are realistic and manageable . 

We can offer a fixed price menu of services in the Crown Court which retain real choice fo our clients over Advocates , service and progress of their case . 

Inevitably some Crown Court Cases require Experts and professional witnesses and whereever possible we will secure experts in your case based upon the principle of Best Expert for Cheapest Fee . 

Preliminary Hearing 

This is the first initial hearing at the Crown Court and we can provide an adovcate to deal with this for £175 + Vat 

Plea and Case Management or Guilty Pleas 

This is a more detailed hearing and will involve meeting your advocate before hand and preparing the case fully . We charge £ 350 + Vat  irrespective of case . The only exception we make is if the pages of prosectuion in your case exceed 500 pages . 

Legal Argument Hearings 

If either the Crown are seeking legal directions or you want to apply yourself for example to be allowed to call evidence or dismiss the case then you will need a good legal argument advancing by one of our advocates . 

Our Fee includes fulll preparation for the legal argument which can often be time consuming . 

We charge £500 + Vat  per half day or £850 + Vat  for a full day . 

Newton Trial 

Sometimes before you can pelad guilty the Court will want to determine how guilty you are for example how many puches or kicks were thrown in a fight or whether you did everything alleged by the witnesses . As a result a Trial will be fixed just to decide that issue - not whether you are innocent or guilty . 

We can provide an advocate to deal with your newton trial and we charge our appearance rate of £500 + Vat per half day or £850.00 + Vat for a full day . This includes all preparation work for your Trial . 

[ If you want us to Travel outside South Yorkshire then you Pay £40 per extra Travel Hour + 45p mileage . For London Counties work you pay our Train Fare + £40 Travel per hour  ]

Trial Work 

Assessing what fee we will charge you for one of our advocates to undertake your complete Criminal Trial can be a more complex matter as it really depends upon the offence, size of the paperwork and issues involved . 

We can provide a basic guide based upon Category of Case and Page Count but we will be happy to quote specifically upon completion of the instruction form . 

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