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At Fixed-Price-Crime we believe you should get high quality legal representation at a fixed price and offer a range of legal services to our Clients all at a fixed price .

This means NO Hourly Rates , NO Estimates that are always broken and NO Hidden Costs . 

We have a proven track record and have undertaken the following work : 

- Murders

- Complex Fraud 

- Historic Sexual Offences

- Sexual Offences

- Arson Cases 

- Assaults and Woundings 

- Motoring Offences

- Domestic Violence Cases

- Corporate Representation

Fixed Menu Pricing Really ? 

YES …. We know that if you are funding your appeal or defence fixed menu pricing is what you want . You do not need to worry about hourly rates with us and with this service we do not shackle you with legal aid which you would invariably be ineligible for or would not cover the work which you need done . 

By providing fixed pricing we offer you the assurance of knowing exactly how much the work we will do for you and what it will cost . Please see our Fixed Price Menu pages for more details . 

No more nightmares over your assets 

Our Fixed price service brings an end to nightmare stories of those facing court or their families having to raise large sums of money for their representation . Our costs are transparent , clear and fixed . There is no blank cheque , no bills you won't know about and no suprises . You get a fixed cost deal but with the highest quality representation ….isn't that what everyone should expect these days . 

Ask the Experts Service 

 What if you aren't actually facing proceedings but want some advice over possible proceedings or what to do in a sticky situation . Then make use of our Ask the Expert Service  . For a fee of £99.00 plus vat you can have access to one of our senior lawyers who will give you up to 45 mins of Telephone advice or a 45 minute consultation in our offices  . 

If you would prefer we can also answer an email enquiry provided you give us enough information for £50.00 per email limited to two emails before a different form of instruction . 

More About Us 

When you instruct a Criminal Lawyer you should ask some questions about who they are and their success . Never simply go with the Crowd but check your lawyer out it might be just about the most important thing you ever do . 

At QualitySolicitors Jordans we only employ exceptional talent . Our service is second to none and  carries with it an unrivalled reputation across the UK .

We excel at Complex Crime  , Serious Sexual Offences and forensic investigation to prove our clients innocent . 

We have a substantial and authoritive record of quashing convicitons  [ See the page on this site

Put simply we are a great choice  for your representation . 

In The News 

R v S , B , C & R [ 2012 ] - Gynaecological Evidence in Sex Cases

We were the lead case in a series of cases which took evidence that Gynaecological examinations at Trial were wrong and undermined the safety of convictions . This is illustrative of an exacting approach that is required to all Prosecution Exeprt evidence which we adopt in every case . 

See our Published article on the issue in the Online Justice Magazine - Justice Gap 

Challenge to Government over New Sex Offenders Notifcations Regulations 

We have issued a direct Judicial Review of the Governments new Sex Offenders regulations which impose a requirement for persons on the Register to produce bank and credit card information . This appears a step too far imposed as it is without any actual evidence to realistically support why this is necessary . Giving the power to the State to obtain such detials as a block policy is a step too far . 

If there is a need for such steps as part of safe guarding then it should be a specific request for the material from the police . 

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